Join me at Taunton’s Literary Festival

Taunton’s Literary Festival 

2-19 November 2013

If like me, you enjoy curling up with a good book at the end of the day or if you’ve ever thought of writing a book yourself, you won’t want to miss this Festival when a galaxy of authors of all genres will be around town.   Whether your ‘thing’ is romance, travel, science, history or just the chance to meet a well-known name, Brendon Books have organised a speaker to tempt you.  Take a look at their website

I’ll be going to several sessions but one I’d like to share is at Somerset Museum on 14 November when Sinclair McKay is talking about his book ‘The Lost World of Bletchley Park’, the home of code-breaking.  My cousin was part of the Bletchley Park team and kept her oath of silence so we didn’t find out until she died – all those lost secrets!

It’s said that only the best towns have an independent bookshop and it’s certainly only interesting places that have their own Literary Festival.  

Taunton is one of those towns, let’s celebrate.

Val Hammond

Taunton Theatre Association


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