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Join me at Taunton’s Literary Festival

Taunton’s Literary Festival 

2-19 November 2013

If like me, you enjoy curling up with a good book at the end of the day or if you’ve ever thought of writing a book yourself, you won’t want to miss this Festival when a galaxy of authors of all genres will be around town.   Whether your ‘thing’ is romance, travel, science, history or just the chance to meet a well-known name, Brendon Books have organised a speaker to tempt you.  Take a look at their website www.tauntonliteraryfestival.netContinue reading


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Hansel and Gretel, Taunton, 19, 20 &21 December

Wood, sweets, breadcrumbs, wood cutter, two children (and a witch) what could be better… Last chance to audition – register now! Are you a budding Hansel, Gretel, Father or (ahem) a witch? #takepart #Christmasshow


Hansel and Gretel is a specially commissioned promenade performance produced in conjunction with Taunton Theatre Association Ltd, Taunton Deane Borough Council, Somerset Museums, Taunton Town Centre Company and many other local performers and local businesses. 

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Sky Arts and IdeasTap are giving away five bursaries of £30,000 each to emerging artists aged 18-30.

The bursaries are designed to help talented individuals from a range of creative disciplines focus on their creative practice for a whole year. In addition to the funding, winners are paired with creative and business mentors to support their development.


The Futures Fund is open to UK and Irish applicants working in the following fields:

•           Performing arts ¬ theatre-makers including directors, producers, puppeteers

•           Dance ¬ including dancers and choreographers

•           Music ¬ including composers, conductors, musicians and songwriters

•           Visual art ¬ including painters, photographers, animators, digital artists

•           Creative producing – for people who bring together different artists

•           Creative writing ¬ including playwrights, novelists and poets


The deadline for applications is 5pm on Friday 6 December. Find out more and apply at

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10/22/2013 · 7:31 am


News Release

07 October 2013

Brewhouse acquisition completed

Taunton Deane Borough Council can confirm that it has acquired the remaining lease on The Brewhouse Theatre after reaching agreement with administrators.

This is an important stage in the path to re-opening the theatre but the Council stresses it is not the final stage of the theatre’s revival.

The acquisition means that efforts can be concentrated on making sure that, when the theatre reopens, it will have a real future in years to come.

Leader of the Council, Cllr. John Williams, said:

“I am very pleased we have been able to acquire The Brewhouse as it is such an important part of the county town’s cultural and arts scene and is held dear by very many people. We must also not forget the enormous economic benefits that are derived from a successful Brewhouse Theatre and Arts Centre attracting visitors from far and wide that contributes to Taunton’s economy.

“It will not reopen immediately as so much work has to be done behind the scenes to make sure that it has a sound long-term future. All I can ask is for people to be patient and to support our aspirations for the Brewhouse.”

The Council and independent consultants are working closely with Taunton Theatre Association (TTA) to ensure its proposals to take on The Brewhouse are financially sound and provide the best possible cultural offer for Taunton.

The consultants have already carried out extensive research to test the cultural waters locally, talking to potential operators, those involved in the town’s culture and leisure and Arts Council England.

A number of strong themes emerged:

  • That a revived Brewhouse should be financially sustainable
  • That The Brewhouse should be inclusive, embracing professional and amateur productions, film, shows for children and families and work with schools and colleges
  • That there should be a clear commitment to quality programming
  • That reopening The Brewhouse is not an end in itself – it should be seen as part of Taunton’s cultural scene

The consultants are also keen to ensure that the strong support shown for The Brewhouse should continue to be harnessed and encouraged.

TTA is presenting its plans as prospective operator of the theatre to the Council for a decision in December 2013.  Cllr Norman Cavill, who chairs the steering group, said:

“The acquisition of the theatre shows just how strong our commitment is to the arts in Taunton Deane. We are making good progress in bringing The Brewhouse back to life but must reiterate there is much to do before the doors can open to the public. .

“While the Council has no intention of running the theatre, we are committed  to ensuring that a new operator is able to build a robust and sustainable cultural asset for Taunton Deane”

“We want to ensure there is a viable future for the theatre and reassure our Councillors and community that Taunton Deane’s principal cultural asset is in safe hands.”

For more information about our services visit us online at

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10/09/2013 · 6:40 pm

A Christmas Gift For Taunton – Audition registrations open

Celebrate Christmas with Taunton Theatre Association’s promenade performance of an adapted version of the iconic Grimm’s fairy tale Hansel and Gretel

Written and produced for a site specific promenade performance, with all of the magic, suspense and sparkle you would expect, to help to ease you into your Christmas celebrations.

This will be a unique free show in Taunton’s Town Centre. We are only looking for committed and enthusiastic volunteers (18+) to audition on October 20th.

Rehearsals start at the end of October with show dates 19th to 21st December 2013.

Please click here to find out more or register for auditions

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When you’re you…

When you’re young, the arts afford you a glimpse of the world through the senses of others, whilst helping you make sense of yourself
Sir Alan Ayckbourn – Playwright

Cultural development is a key part of allowing people to explore their own worlds, young and old alike – the arts adds value to our lives. 

Find out more about the Cultural Learning Alliance

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Taunton Theatre Association Website

Have you visited our website?

On here we have more information about Taunton Theatre Association Ltd, and regular blog posts as well about the journey from community group to Charitable Company as we work toward hopefully re-opening the Brewhouse Theatre and Arts Centre in Taunton.

You can also sign up as a volunteer or to join our mailing list, and even how to donate! Pop along today and take a look 🙂

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