Email a councillor to save YOUR theatre

It is essential that the councillors of Taunton Deane Borough Council vote in favour of acquiring the lease of the Brewhouse Theatre on behalf of their constituents to ensure we have a theatre in the heart of our county town.


Please email your councillor today and ask them to recognise that the community would support such a decision.


Contact details can be found here: (click on your councillor to see contact details)


Please write a short email asking for their support – lost for words, here is a suggestion! – then press send… easy!


(if you receive a response [and you should] please let us know who is in favour and who is perhaps not by emailing us:


Thanks for your support


Taunton Theatre Association







On Tuesday 23rd of July at the Taunton Deane Borough Council meeting I believe there is an agenda item relating to the acquisition of the lease for the Brewhouse Theatre building from the Administrators.


I believe that having a vibrant theatre and arts offer is an essential part of the cultural landscape of Taunton and this is congruent with its roles as a county town as well as home to many people who would benefit from such a facility from the mixed perspectives of entertainment, education and inspiration to name but three.


Taunton Deane Borough Council have supported many important initiatives to deliver for the community, and the creation of community spaces in conjuction with other organisations are part of this commitment to making Taunton a great place to live, without a theatre as part of this offer we are missing an important provison for the town, and in my opinion this would be a mistake.


I therefore ask as a constituent that you positively support the motion “Full Council is recommended to decide whether or not to proceed with acquisition of the Brewhouse”.


I would appreciate you replying to me and indicating if you will (or not) support the acquisition of the Brewhouse.





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