Taunton Thespians celebrate a brace of Birthdays!

18 meets 80!


Taunton Thespians took a moment from their outdoor tour of the Merry Wives of Windsor to celebrate an 18th and 80th birthday on the same day.

The 18 year old is Reece Baker who is in his first show with the Thespians and who plays servant Jack Rugby. His “time twin” is Thespians’ Vice President Ron Roberts who runs the tour box office and who was one of the originators of the Thespians’ outdoor summer tours, now in their 12th season.


The tour continues for its second week with performances at Compton House Hotel, Axbridge on 2nd July, Maunsel House, North Newton on Wednesday 3rd July, Mount Somerset Hotel, Henlade on Thurday 4th July, Dillington House, Ilminster on Friday 5th July and Hartwood House, Crowcombe Heathfield on Saturday 6th July. Wet weather venues are available. Tickets priced £10 (full) and £3 (children, students and unwaged) are available from Taunton Tourist Information Centre on 01823 336344 or online at http://www.tauntonthespians.org.uk/

Pictures shows (left to right): Reece Baker and Ron Roberts



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