Local Filmakers need support to finish documentary about regional theatre …

Making The Cut seeking your help #RegionalTheatre!

Local filmakers Emma & Sumo are at a crucial stage of production and need our help to finish the documentary and get it seen.

They’ve taken great care in putting a #Kickstarter campaign together so you can help from just £1.

Can you be a hero and donate a single £1?

Can you be a superhero and give the full £2500?

This is a time limted offer, you only have until July 17th to make a difference!

Donate Now!

Please #help to bring this vital piece of research to the public domain. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1404324829/making-the-cut-regional-theatre-arts-and-culture-d?ref=email 

Making The Cut is a research documentary that is currently being produced by Emma Holbrook and Susannah Mo who are both based in Somerset. Both freelance practitioners in music, graphic design and filmmaking, they were inspired to find a collective voice for the vast array of people connected with the creative and performing arts in their region.

Today many arts centres, theatres and venues are constantly at risk of closure. The sad fate of the Brewhouse Theatre in Taunton is a harsh reminder that theatres and venues need all kinds of support so that they can continue to nurture creative talent of all ages and backgrounds throughout the UK. Making The Cut is aiming to demonstrate just how important they are to our society as cultural and economic entities.

Areas that we hope the documentary will address include:

  • How will the cuts effect the standards of professional regional theatre and art?
  • How can the different types of venues survive?
  • What will be the effects on emerging talent, education and training in the arts?
  • Do the cuts also have anything to do with ideology, pre conceptions or stigma towards the regional arts?
  • How are arts centres used in regional communities and what challenges do they face compared to venues in urban areas?
  • How do the closure of venues affect the towns and rural communities that they are situated in?



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